Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We are getting Close!

Y'all-I am the worst secret keeper EVER. I mean EVER. I have kept the secret of our surprise Disney Trip for almost a year now and I am almost to the point of BUST.

Every day-Literally-for the past 420+days my girls have asked "When are we going back to Disney." We began planning our upcoming trip on Christmas Day last year. We have booked Dining Reservations-We are flying this time (something new for us!) and now I have moved into planning the actual surprise.

I have watched countless youtube videos on parents surprising their kids with a Disney trip-and while some have made me so happy I cried (like for real) others have been a bit of a let down.

I know-without a shadow of a doubt-If I pull this off-we will have the ultimate Disney surprise.

This year Todd's Stepdad is joining us for our trip! He has never been to Disney and I am so excited he is coming along!! This will be our shortest trip to Disney-but since we are "seasoned visitors" and grandaddy is a newbie and its the busiest week of the year....We are really going for the experience this year. The girls have done everything (except for new fantasyland) so I feel like it's going to be a nice trip!

This will also be our *Disney Baby's* First trip to Disney World! I am so excited to take her and have her photo made with Minnie! She LOVES Minnie!

Are you planning a trip soon??

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  1. Yes! We are planning a trip in February with our 19 month (by that time) daughter! I was so happy to find your blog!