Thursday, March 19, 2015

we are back!!

Oh how I have missed you guys! Life has been crazy busy around our parts! I have stopped blogging about family life (because the big girls aren't too keen on having their lives out for everyone to read) and have moved to blogging about faith & life at

We have moved to Atlanta, Georgia from Mississippi and I am back working fulltime, oh and I was on a TV show! (check out the new blog under the tab 15 minutes of fame). With all that change last year we did not have a family vacation and in August, Todd and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage so you know what we knew we had to do...GO BACK TO DISNEY!

I know, I know...Disney for your anniversary. Why not Rome? or Hawaii? Well, because we really truly love Disney.
And this trip is so special, I have even enlisted help in planning. My good friend Jill is a travel agent for Disney and she has helped me plan the most amazing trip! Our babysitter is tagging along on this vacation because with 3 kids-we need 3 adults! And she is going to hang out with the girls and take them around while Todd and I get some fun dates at our favorite place.

So yah!!! I am excited to be documenting a new chapter of our DISNEY LIFE! Over the coming weeks Ill be sharing all the amazing details and fun things Jill has come up with for us to do!

Less than 150 days away! Mickey here we come!!!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 2 at Disney!

Day 2 at Disney we visited magic Kingdom.

This trip was really different. For 1 the girls didn't want to stop and see every character. They were more interested in the rides. 

Which makes me think we will have to take Mia back later so she can have her pictures with pooh, piglet and the characters like the big girls do.

Anyway-we arrived at park opening and headed straight to new fantasyland.

They still are working on the seven dewarfs mine ride. I feel like this roller coaster is going to be awesome-or a big let down. It has taken the longest time. 3 trips-still not complete. But it is closer than before. (Positive right?)

We rode the new Ariel ride, met Ariel, rode dumbo,
barnstormer, Peter Pan, pooh, teacups. We had breakfast at Gastons tavern. The cinnamon rolls are awesome! Split one! 
We did enchanted tales with belle-aubrie was chip! It was adorable.

..then we has lunch at the beast castle. It is set up as quick service for lunch and it was amazing! 

After that, the waits got LONG. When people tell you Christmas week is the busiest time-it is. Honestly in the dead of summer during our last 3 trips-it has not been near as bad as this one. Waits were over 180 minutes for some rides. Good thing this wasn't our first trip and we were prepared for this.

We watched all the parades and enjoyed sight seeing all the Christmas decorations. 

We hopped on the monorail to grand Floridian to see the giant gingerbread house and the decorations there. 

We met some princesses. At the new storybook hall you can get in Cinderella and guest line or Rapunel and guest line. We chose Cinderella this day.

We rode splash mountain and big thunder railroad.

Our dinner plan was to eat at Casey's hotdog on main street-but they took the Chicago dog off the menu. So we ate at Pecos bills. We had taco salads-and BBQ sandwiches. They were okay-nothing like flametree at animal kingdom.

After that we got our seats for the electrical parade and fireworks. We say right in front of the castle. And let me say-the crowds are worth it to see the castle lit up for Christmas.

It snowed on main street and it was so much fun to see the girls reactions! 

We left there after 16 hours! And we were exhausted!

Now-magic bands.

I was stoked to get to test magic bands. On site guest get them now-soon they will be available for others. They are a braclet with a chip in it. Everyone wears them and it is your room key, dining ticket, fast pass and photo pass all in one. You touch it to a little round mickey and boom-your in.
The positives. These are awesome to keep you from having to keep up with everything. They are waterproof. And they are comfortable. (Also I asked and if your child gets lost, they can track them)

The negatives. With these you can only have 3 fast passes a day. Before you were limited by hour/timeframe. If you don't space them out correctly and stay 16 are bored and the waits are 180 minutes.

So lesson: plan your day with fast passes for the entire frame you plan to be at the park-and plan to wait during the other times.

Day 3-is next! Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Disney 2013 Christmas surprise!

We were stoked to wake up Christmas morning to find these!
We opened the one that said "open me first" and it was a letter from Santa saying we were going to Disney!!! We unwrapped the rest of our loot magic bands, new Disney wear, Disney headbands game, new backpacks full of stuff for the plane...and we headed to the airport.

Our flight took 1 hour and 45 minutes! Such a change from the 12 hour drive! 

When we got to the airport we had to scan our magic bands to check in to the magical express. Then we were whisked away to our resort.
We stayed at the Art of Animation resort. Here is my review. 
It is an amazingly awesome resort. You feel the Disney love at every inch of that place. The pools are amazing (there are 3.) the decor is simply stunning.
We stayed at the little mermaid section. (Also there is Nemo, Cars and lion king) Santa chose little mermaid because he heard the girls saying they wanted to stay there. Note: you walk a heck of a way if you stay at little mermaid. If you want to stay close to the buses and food-choose Nemo. 

We rented a stroller again and once we picked it up and pottied we headed to Epcot!

I love to start at Epcot because it gives you a good, relaxing intro to the happiest place in the world. 

We rode soaring, Nemo, spaceship earth, maelstrom...we are ice cream and dined in Mexico! It was an awesome first day!

Come back tomorrow for day 2 and more on the magic bands!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The crazyness

Yall-Life is simply crazy right now! You all know how I am a huge planner-as in usually by now I am making list and packing and doing all the fun stuff!

Well-a few weeks ago-we decided to move-out of out state-(crazy? Read about it here)

So I am packing...just not for Disney! I am packing to move! Crazy I know!

I had a sweet blogger ask me how this was going to impact the vacation-well without giving away detail-let me share :)

Todd moves to our new house and new state in a week-the girls and I will stay in Mississippi til December so they can finish out school. They get out of school on the 20th-and we will remain here til Christmas Day-When we leave for Disney-

So not only am I packing I am having to secretly pack our Disney stuff as well-Good thing they go to school for 7 hours a day :)

Starting in December, I will start to reveal a little more about our surprise plans!

Anyone else traveling to Disney over the holidays??

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

We are getting Close!

Y'all-I am the worst secret keeper EVER. I mean EVER. I have kept the secret of our surprise Disney Trip for almost a year now and I am almost to the point of BUST.

Every day-Literally-for the past 420+days my girls have asked "When are we going back to Disney." We began planning our upcoming trip on Christmas Day last year. We have booked Dining Reservations-We are flying this time (something new for us!) and now I have moved into planning the actual surprise.

I have watched countless youtube videos on parents surprising their kids with a Disney trip-and while some have made me so happy I cried (like for real) others have been a bit of a let down.

I know-without a shadow of a doubt-If I pull this off-we will have the ultimate Disney surprise.

This year Todd's Stepdad is joining us for our trip! He has never been to Disney and I am so excited he is coming along!! This will be our shortest trip to Disney-but since we are "seasoned visitors" and grandaddy is a newbie and its the busiest week of the year....We are really going for the experience this year. The girls have done everything (except for new fantasyland) so I feel like it's going to be a nice trip!

This will also be our *Disney Baby's* First trip to Disney World! I am so excited to take her and have her photo made with Minnie! She LOVES Minnie!

Are you planning a trip soon??

Thursday, June 27, 2013


If you are planning a trip to Disney with a child under the age of 8 (maybe even 9) get a stroller.

"Oh my child is too big for a stroller.", you say? No. Listen to me. You will need a stroller. You-an adult-will want a stroller.

Make your trip more enjoyable by having a stroller.

You can read our first post on Strollers at Disney HERE

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Disney Don'ts

Here are a few of my tips for thing NOT to do at Disney.

1) Do not go into a trip you have spent thousands of dollars on-with out a plan. I mean a serious plan. Where you are going to start each day, dining reservations, highlights in the park you want to hit that day.

2) Do not try to do Magic Kingdom in one day. You will die. You will die in the happiest place on earth but that's an expensive death.

3) Do not forget to nap-Take time for naps. Yes its fun and you are on vacation but plan to stay up past bedtime and nap during the day time!

Do not kick your child out of their stroller for you to nap-while you wait in line to meet the princesses.
4) Remember Animal Kingdom is not a water park-Don't let your toddler wear theirs without clothes :)
5) Don't litter. Its "TRASHY" and there are a gazillion trash cans around Disney.
6) If you go in the summer months-do not wear black pants and carry your heavy bags of snacks and your toddler. This poor lady did and was in front of us in line. She and I chatted about how she wish she had of known how hot she would be and how much walking she would be doing. Learn from her mistake.
7) do not forgo a stroller in carry your infant carrier through the park. You will walk a long way-be prepared. (see stroller post tomorrow)